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Logo Design


A logo for Window Co. that creates virtual windows. The logo represents the allusion of another virtual space within an existing space. 


Edward Wayne Gallery


Home Savvy is a remodeling/handyman company. The logo uniquely suggest building, modularity, contemporary housing, and professional proficiency.  


A. J. Limited is a hip and trendy boutique that cater to younger audience with their variety of products and services. 


The Local Blueberry is on online store selling high quality, organic blueberry plants. The slogan is, "There's nothing more local than your very own garden." The company also aims to work closely with farmers in local communities, providing quality plants and produce that's close to home. 


Viral Bolt Media is a company that cleverly utilizes social media marketing to further the development of their client's business. The name and the logo of the company suggest a mix of energy and professional proficiency. 


Serenitea is a unique tea place located in the center of the great big, busy metropolis. It's an oasis of peace in a busy environment. The logo represents orderliness, calm and protection from the outside. 

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